The key scientific objectives of the Spektr-UF/WSO-UV project are implemented through the Core Program of the mission. Specific calls will be open to scientists in Russia and Spain to propose Key Projects that will become the actual manifestation of Core Program.

Details about these calls can be found in the Spektr-UF / WSO-UV Core Program Regulations document.


The deadline of the Core Program Call for observations requiring preparatory activities is delayed. The situation will be reviewed in six months during the next meeting of the consortium.

This call is only open to those proposals requiring preparatory observations with other facilities that were already submitted and approved in the first phase of the Call (2019). The teams must describe the activities carried out, their impact in the observing program, and update the existing proposal data in the RPS (if needed).





The RPS provides access to the Spektr-UF / WSO-UV Remote Proposal System (RPS) and to the tools supporting the observers in preparing their proposals, such as the Spektr-UF / WSO-UV FCU Simulator and the Spektr-UF / WSO-UV FCU Exposure Time Calculator. It also provides shortcuts to the SIMBAD and MAST databases.

It is necessary to register in the system for having access to the RPS. To register and gain access to the RPS click on: