Welcome to the Spektr-UF /WSO-UV Science Control Center



The World Space Observatory - Ultraviolet (Spektr-UF / WSO-UV) is an international space telescope that will be launched in 2025 to guarantee observational access in the ultraviolet (UV) range to astronomers after the end of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) mission.

This is the Spektr-UF / WSO-UV Science Control Centre (SCC) web page hosted by the Joint Center for Ultraviolet Astronomy (JCUVA), located at the University Complutense of Madrid (UCM).
The Spektr-UF / WSO-UV Science Control Centre provides the proposal reception and handling systems. It also provides the scientific analysis tools to the community, will generate the high level products from L1 data and is in charge of the final mission archive.

Once the Call for Core Program proposals requiring preparatory observations was closed and the TAC results were made public in May 2019, the SCC activities at JCUVA focus on the preparatory scientific observations and the development of the remaining necessary tools that will be used for the definition of the final Spektr-UF / WSO-UV Core Program.

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